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Thanks for responding Craig.

Covering my soil with a living soil has been my objective, but our normal summer rainfall is less than 10mm per month with temperatures rising aboveย  95’F often, thus seeing that I don’t have the soil biology yet to sustain living plants in these conditions I need plans for the transition.

It’s been some time since my post, since then I have sprayed EM just before planting and used some KNF formulas to spray my 1000 acres of wheat.ย  No fungicides or pesticides used on my wheat this year, and I was still able to get a harvest with a net profit.

I have spoken to the local seed distributing company and we will again next year do some undergrowing some legumes.ย  This years undergrowing was not successful, so we are still in research mode on what to use as undercover crop in wheat.

Next year I will be testing the strips, but doing it practically changing crops on the strips will be difficult on my farm, but we will be trying something next year.


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