All data collected by KNF Support is public and KNF Support makes no claim to protect any privacy whatsoever. Do not put private information on KNF Support.

KNF Support integrates with Facebook if you log in with your facebook account. That means facebook gets to track you while you are using KNF Support.

The only data we store is what you put into your profile. Personal information can be added to your profile at your discretion and profile data is publicly available regardless of settings. Do not post anything you do not want to be public in KNF Support.

Our server is configured to keep IP addresses and requests like any others website on the internet. This information is private and will never be transferred to any party for any purpose other than technical support of KNF Support.

KNF Support respects your rights to privacy in your personal life. We assert this is a public place, and by participating here, you are henceforth waiving all rights to privacy vested in KNF Support.