Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ December 17, 2023

0:00:00Count Down
0:02:04Welcome to Office Hour!
0:03:06I Ching Reading: Preponderance of the Small
0:05:42Welcome to Episode 104
0:09:42Using OHN in Agar Recipe
0:11:46Get Certified in KNF Solutions Manufacturing
0:13:23Will the Weight of IMO#3 Change?
0:17:51Best Mulch Sources to Grow in Hawaii
0:21:19Grow HALF Your Farm to FEED the OTHER HALF of Your Farm
0:27:30Shelf Life of Seed IMO (IMO#1)
0:29:39Milk Cow Update
0:37:42A Diamond in the Rough Rough Rough
0:40:43Don’t B!*ch at the People Showing Up
0:43:30Uses for Bag Balm
0:44:26Making a Willow Extract for Cloning
0:45:29The Microbial Secret Society Podcast
0:49:08Living Like a Medieval Peasant
0:51:14Soaking Potatoes with Seed Soak Solution
0:52:07Can I Replace Licorice & Angelica in knfMedicine?
1:01:13Love to You All