Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ October 22, 2023

0:00:00Count Down
0:02:29Welcome to Office Hours
0:03:08I Ching Reading: After Completion
0:07:06Chatting with the office hour folks tuning in
0:10:27What are My Fall & Winter Plans
0:15:39Our Pastures are Improving with Consistent Drone Spraying!
0:21:58Winter Plans for the Channel and Foundation
0:27:19Intensive Rotational Cattle Grazing
0:29:50Greg & Judy Green Pastures Farm
0:33:11Fix Contaminated Water by Majking Your Own Agriculteral Mineral Water
0:40:24Urine & Humanure (Human Excrement Liquid Ferilizer)
0:46:43How To Deal with Iron Rich Water
0:47:47Master Cho’s Yeast Recipe
0:49:08Chitosan Cleans Up Heavy Metals
0:54:56Ferment Humure for Safety
0:55:19Fix Your Potassium Deficiency (Yellowing Banana Leaves) with Liquid Potassium Recipe
0:57:56Chitinase vs. IMOs
1:00:21Etymology of “Economy”
1:03:27How Much We’re Spraying Per Acre
1:08:20The Drone Product We’re Using
1:10:45Thanks Folks! Much Love