Applying KNF to large mature trees?


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I have two large mature trees in my yard (Manitoba Maple and Elm), and I’d love to use KNF to keep them healthy.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice on which solutions to use in combination (and what concentration), as well as what the best technique of application of these solutions would be (e.g. watering in near the canopy drip line vs foliar spray (or spraying on bark?)!

Thanks very much!

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You can always apply the maintenance solution to any plant/tree/flower, in any stage.

That is: BRV 500:1, FPJ 500:1 and OHN 1000:1.

FPJ are minerals/vitamins the plant you fermented.

BRV (brown rice vinegar) is the catalyst “lowers the pH of your solution to be more acidic”.

OHN (oriental health nutrient) which is (1p garlic or turmeric – you pick), 1p ginger, 1p cinnamon, 1pm licorice root, 2p angelica root that the dry ingredients are soaked in a beer/lager and then everything is fermented in brown sugar and tinctured in vodka(40%).

You just need to worry about FAA and LAB, it can cause overgrowth and smaller yields when used on mature plants.

BRV+FPJ+OHM is very safe and universal and a good defense against pathogens.


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