Bacillus subtilis


Hello from Jamaica Drake.

I was watching your poultry training video and Master Cho mentioned Bacillus subtilis. He said that can be fermented in rice straws. Are rice straws the only medium that can be fermented in the chicken bedding?

Here in Jamaica we have a lot of Guinea grass.ย  Can that straw produce Bacillus subtilis?

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Yes, guinea grass will work well as a substrate for the floor of a chicken pen. Make sure to cut the grass so it is ~4 inches in length. If the grass is too long, it will mat up and the chickens will not be able to turn it.

I use a mower to shred the grass clippings before adding them to my chicken pen, and use the wild grass that grows around here in Hawaii.

  • tansley78
    Thanks Drake. Can you give me any advice about how to capture an isolate Bacillus subtilis.
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