Brewers Spent Grain to make IMOs


Hello everyone.

Recently I saw an add where someone was given away brewers spent.

apparently breweries give this away or have to pay to get rid off.

Some people use as stock feed .

I asked last Sunday about using it to make IMO3 , I think is a great resource .

spentΒ  becomesΒ  high in Nitrogen and can go bad if is not stabilized .

Drake suggested to reconstitute the spent using some type of carbs to be able to use it.

anybody have any idea on what to use and how to go about it ???.

You guys are awesome.


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i think this would be best used in a IMO5 not a IMO3 the spent grain has all ready had its starches/sugars removed by the yeast its at this point just more of a organic materiel in the garden terms a green a good source of nitrogen as u said and it would have a 100 uses in the garden but in KNF/Jadam terms i think its best use would be IMO5 and JLF (thanks for the idea also now im going to go looking for a local brewery around here to see if i can get some myself)

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    Take a big container or bunch of buckets and probably a shovel you might have to fill your containers from a dumpster. Thanks dagoofman
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