Chicken Amino Acids


im getting ready to harvest 21 meat birds and want to save and use every scrap since i dont have animals to feed yet. I thinking of using the blood for a D.I.Y blood meal recipe or even doing a chicken amino’s with the brains, guts, ect… please let me know your thoughts, mulch Love to everybody out there

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Great use of the toss away you could just throw everything in a bucket and layer with sugar as you go fill 2/3 full could add a rock to help hold everything down add a airtight lid put it in a cool dark place and forget about it for 6-8 months or longer (the longer it sits the better it will be) ….i would not recommend ingesting raw chicken so refrain from tasting it and use your nose for testing (the nose knows)


Happy Experimenting

  • mitchell-l
    clutch. right in time for tomorrows task, thanks goofman
  • Joe Lorusso
    I know Iโ€™m late on this but I did this a few times with great success. Iโ€™ve even used pests Iโ€™ve killed on the farm trying to get the chickens.
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