Chloramine Removal from Water


Anyone know how to do it? Without a filtration system that is?

I’ve found out vitamin C is supposed to break it down, but I don’t know at what application rate per gallon of water. I guess that would be contingent upon how much chloramine was put in the water, but I’m sure I can find that information for my city.

I know chlorine can be removed by aeration or time, or using your arm for a bit stirring, but that pesky chloramine…

I know, I know… I just need to buy the water filter.

  • knjfarms
    Growtusla, I am not sure on chloramine but chlorine can be evaporated as gas, if you aerate tap water in a 5 gallon bucket with an air stone for 24 hours, or leave your bucket out in the sun for 3 days. colder tap holds more gas/chemical vs. warm tap water. -Jay
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Alright- more research in. Guy at the home brew store says campden tablets, made of potassium or sodium metabisulfite, will clear chlorine and chloramine from water.

Tablets are for convenience, but powder is cheaper! .44g powder/10gal h2o to clean it up.

1lb bag @ ~$10 is about 10,318 gallons purified. Not too shabby.

Vitamin C online @ ~$20/kg is about 20,000 gallons purified. Both do the job for about the same cost.

If you are in a situation you have to use tap water with chloramine, hopefully this helps!


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