Compost toilets/KNF Raised Beds


Hi, Dr. Drake,

First, let me thank you for all your hard work over the past few years. I’m sure there are many people like myself quietly implementing KNF thanks to your guidance from afar. The new OFFICE HOURS rocks; this podcast format is the way to go!

I have two questions for you Dr. D:
1: I wondered if you had any experience with compost toilets. I see you have a pig system on your farm and wondered if this concept could be adapted to build a compost toilet. Any ideas? How about turning humanure into an IMO3 or IMO4 to nullify any possible pathogens and create great compost as you do on your farm with the pig litter?

2: Recently, I finally managed to purchase a small plot of land (I’m in Taiwan). It was formerly paddy fields abandoned for around 60 years (heavy clay). There is barely any humus due to flooding after typhoons, hence the need for raised beds. Many trees have grown during the past 60 years, and although I’m not in the habit of recklessly chopping trees, to grow a garden and get some light onto a future shack, some of the trees need to go. The pig system in KNF seems like the mother of all hugelkultur piles. Would the same system with biochar, logs, sawdust and green waste inoculated with IMOs work as raised beds? Have you tried such a technique?

Look forward to your green wisdom.

Much love and thanks in advance,

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there is really good info in the jadam book on composting humanure iv also learned from others that time is what it take to process humanure lots of time even in the jadam method i think it says 1 yr to process if using a dry method id almost say wait 2 yrs before putting it in the garden time is the key


i use KNF/Jadam in all my raised beds in the deep ones i use a hugel method to fill the raised beds and IMO compost on top works great

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