EM-5 made with KNF inputs ?


so iv been looking into something called EM-5 it has a ton of different uses im looking at it for its use as a “cleaner” it can be used as a natural cleaner on equipment and can also be used as a spray to help pest n fungus n such …the base recipe i think can be made by using KNF inputs the ratios im sure would need to be modified but i think it might be a fun experiment would love input from everyone on this


Ingredients [example quantities for making 1 quart, 32 fl oz]
• EM-1 Microbial Inoculant (a liquid containing a combination of naturally existing microbes found
in foods, soil, and water: lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria.)
[5%, 1.6 fl oz or 5 tablespoons]
• blackstrap molasses (blackstrap, unsulfured sugarcane molasses; or high mineral content sugar
material — if using some other sugar source, add a teaspoon of sea salt for mineral content.)
[5%, 1.6 fl oz or 5 tablespoons]
• distilled liquor (40% alcohol, such as, vodka, tequila, whiskey, sake, etc.)
[5%, 1.6 fl oz or 5 tablespoons]
• vinegar (for example, non-filtered apple cider vinegar; white vinegar is also fine)
[5%, 1.6 fl oz or 5 tablespoons]
• water (optional: heated to 100-120°F to make it easier to dissolve the molasses; otherwise, simply
dissolve with a clean hand)
[to fill the remainder of the bottle—have at least 1 quart of water readied]


so im thinking

EM-1 and molasses=LAB

says use sea salt if not molasses=SW

distilled liquor use the same or add OHN ???

heres a link to the EM-5 place i was looking at it has the full info on the how to and optional ingredients  –the PDF and the page info are a lil different i noticed like the sea salt instead of molasses thing is not on the web page but on the PDF i thought it was weird so wanted to make note of it —  http://www.goodmicrobes.org/how-to/em-5.html

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