FAA half full bucket no ohn or imo


So maybe I got a little ahead of myself when I was at the poke shop today I asked if the had any fish guts and sure enough they give me a 15 pound head! So I took it home and started catching up on the fermentation process and realized I don’t have any Imo or ohn yet.

My first question is I weighed even weight brown sugar and layered it but it only filled up half of my bucket. I topped with a tshirt for my lid. Is this ok or should I look for a different container that will be closer to the 2/3 full?

My 2nd question is will this be good without the imo or ohn?

3. Should I just add these later when I have them?

4. Can I use some imo 2 instead of 4?

Mahalo for the resources and help!!!

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2/3 is the sweet spot in KNF for various reasons. One of the main reasons is 2/3 is a close approximation to the golden ratio which is the key to all life as we know it. The closer you get to this ratio, the more easily energy will emerge out of the infinite space which is essential for fermentation. For more information on this you can study Pythagoras and the concept of the square root of the unit square.

If you can’t hit 2/3, don’t worry. Yes, the correct solution would be to find an appropriate container, but let’s get real, if it ain’t easy, we ain’t gonna do it. And since you are already done with it, roll with it. Learn from this experience and maybe next time get closer to mastering KNF.

KNF Medicine and KNF Microbes are not necessary for KNF Fuel. They are an optional side note in the text and actually modify the end product so that you will lose the fats and oils that float on the surface of KNF Fuel made without them.

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