FPJ with Grass Clippings


Hi Drake,

I have tried to make fpj from grass clippings i have followed the one third rule on adding sugar but after day 2 the mix still looks really dry no solution. My question is.. can i add rain water to try and increase solution volume. There is no weight on the material because i can not get anything small enough to fit inside the glass coffee jar. So i compacted it the best i could.


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grass clipping r not the best thing for a FPJ they would be used more for a JLF …FPJ is more 1 plant type the microbes that live on that plant help in the breakdown process of the plant in the FPJ to get the micronation that we r looking for …grass clippings contain many different types of plants that make up a “lawn” when using multi plants in a FPJ the microbes compete as to who will break down the plant matter some win some lose and the full ferment process doesn’t kick off right and we r left with un desired results …as to the JLF we add microbes and water and a touch of salt to the clippings this adds more diversity to the pool a set of microbes that do break down everything in a large pool of water where they have plenty of room to move around this creates the environment to break down many things …FPJs are more about harvesting the hormones in a single plant and adding them as part of the complete solutions they r less of a fertilizer then as many think to where JLF is a fertilizer

how to FPJ from one of the Cho books i have

Collect the plant material. Growing tips that are easy to
snap off with your fingers are best. Do not use tough or
woody parts. Use only one type of plant at a time; do not
mix different plants in the same container.

Shake off dirt but do not wash the plant material. Tear
the plant into two- to four-inch pieces; do not cut it
with a knife. This is to increase the surface area and
promote osmotic pressure.
Measure the weight of the plant material collected.
Measure an equal weight of brown sugar. Use 1/3 to ยฝ
of the brown sugar to toss with the plant material to
coat each piece with the sugar.
Layer the sugar-coated plant material with the
remaining brown sugar and compress each layer with
your fist in your fermentation container. Save some of
the brown sugar to put a ยฝ inch sugar cap and press
down. Jar should be ยพ full. After fermenting, the
material will be 2/3 of the jar.
Label the container with the date and type of plant.
Cover the container with breathable paper and tie
securely. Place the jar in a cool and shady area. Do
not move, open, or stir the ingredients during the
fermentation period. It will take about one week.


Happy Experimenting

  • hally
    Wow ..thanks for the informative indepth answer. I will certainly keep experimenting. Do you ship the recipe book to the uk? Thanks again
  • dagoofman
    book is in E-Book format
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