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This is a series of questions but all related to one another;

How does FAA compare to urine?

How would one use urine as a fertilizer?

Does fermenting it / innoculating it with IMO do anything?

I looked it up and the average person excretes 10kg of nitrogen through feces and urine in a year, which would be about 3 times as much as it would take to grow all of your vegetables. Could this be sufficient as “fertilizer” alongside cooking scraps and garden non edible biomass in a self sufficiency setting?

I don’t like the idea of relying on an external source for high quality compost. Do you even need compost?

Thanks in advance!

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How does FAA compare to urine? – KNF Fuel (FAA) is amino acids urine is more nitrogen based it does have a few amino acids in it but KNF Fuel is a more complete source of aminosΒ  …amino acids do more for the plant and microbiome ,some aminos do get broken down into nitrogen but not all the rest are used to help plants in many other way such as help produce chlorophyll ,build soil structure ,help the uptake of other nutrients and more


How would one use urine as a fertilizer?

Does fermenting it / inoculating it with IMO do anything? – Jadam talks of making Cheap Food (JLF) with both urine and humanure but both need to be fermented for more then 6 months to be used ….urine can be used as a foliar spray or soil drench at between 1:100 and 1:500 (but i would not use it on anything that had a fruit that i was gonna pick anytime soon) ….humanure can be used in the same way (it says in the book) but i would only use it as a soil drench and only on things like fruit trees and flowers …composting toilets can also be used in the same away as humanure


i would not say compost is needed but it is the best source of organic matter for your plants and one of the easiest to make there are 100s of videos/books on composting in tons of different ways


Happy Experimenting



  • taliiz
    Thanks for the answer! I’ll be careful with the urine and make FAA at some point
  • Cecily
    Many men from lots of societies pee on their lemon tree as they pass by at night. Simple, direct, and safe. For less acid loving plants keep a few part full watering cans near the back door and add about 10% pee for a free nitrogen fix and a top up of phosphorous and potassium. Fresh delivery the next day is the best way to go. The Swedes make special sit on watering cans to keep in the bathroom for ladies – not seen in Australia yet.
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