Imo 3 pile not heating up


Hi there, I am currently a few days after setting up my IMO 3 pile but it is not heating up! Details:

  • 10kg of oats
  • 10kg of wood chips/sawdust
  • 1 foot high pile
  • Indoors on wood
  • Covered with cardboard
  • Followed recipe including
    • OHN
    • BRV
    • SW
    • FPJ
    • LAB
    • Fulvic acid
    • 3x IMO 2 collections

We are in Ireland and it is fairly mild for this time of year [8 degrees Celsius]. I suspected that there may not have been enough IMO 2 and/or moisture so I added more of both. It still may be a bit dry and I wonder if that could be the issue? Should I add some dog food in to the mix?

I would really appreciate any input ye may have.


Many thanks,

  • ddirl
    Update: I added more water and more IMO and then left for 3 days for Christmas. When I came back the pile was at about 80 degrees F and had a very pleasant mould smell. Full of clumps of white mycelium fuzz. If anybody is inclined to help I can post photos.
  • ddirl
    Update: it heated up and now is starting to cool back down with white fuzz all over the top and some clumping together. There is no ammonia smell but there are some blue/green pieces of fungus. Is that OK?
  • ddirl
    Update: I can see in this video that the blue/green fungus is a good thing, is that correct?? –
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