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Does KNF Food serve any purpose for the health and growth of livestock/animals? To my knowledge, I know that in plants it helps aid plant growth due to plant growth hormones present in the KNF food, but I’m not sure if plant growth hormones would have any real value to animals/livestock.

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There is a a lot to do with pigs and chickens in KNF.

Master Cho outlines in his Advanced Chicken Training how to raise the birds with an expanding cage along with a very strict diet to promote intestines 3x the length of standard american practice. There is also a way to formulate the feeds so that you can recycle what otherwise would be waste and still get eggs so hard they dent wooden tables.

Raising pigs the KNF way also has incredible benefit. I am now able to feed the mothers so that they are able to lactate longer and when I wean at 40 days I have incredibly thick sausage like dense piglets!

Here is a page from my swine notes on the feeding cycle

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