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I am experiencing difficulties with getting my LAB to separate. The milk does make curds in my jar, however instead of forming a thick layer at the top it seems to get drawn in towards the middle and sit there. I’d love to upload a picture here. Probably the best way to explain it is that it forms an elongated curd sitting vertically in the jar.

I followed Chris Trumps’ recipe quite precisely, and allowed for plenty of time to ferment. The only difference is that I was using a smaller jar, with about 1 US pint of milk inside. Is that too little? Also, could I have waited too long? Does the thick layer of curd at the top sink down again after a day or so?

Another note is that I took the fermenting LAB for a drive to the farm. There is a mention of not shaking the jar on CGNF Hawaii’s instruction page for LAB. Would this be the problem?

I did attempt to scoop out the curds which was difficult but obviously I did not get all of it. Then I strained the solution through a fine mesh bag used for nut milks. It seems to be more cloudy than the serum in Chris Trumps’ videos. I am not sure whether that is safe to use?

Framed differently; what exactly is the danger of allowing any of the curd to slip into the strained serum?

Any thoughts are very much appreciated!

Have a great day wherever you are!


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it just sounds like your jar was to small to allow proper separation of the curd and whey i personally use 1/2 gal of milk in a 1 gal jar just to leave enough head room the curd expands a lot ….. and getting a lil curd in the final solution i don’t think does much TBH i have yet to strain a LAB collection w/o getting a lil bit of curd in there and haven’t had a issue yet

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