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Hi everyone,

I’ve recently made a batch of LAB and have it stored in a 100L water tank with equal parts LAB to unsulphured molasses (roughly 2L each of LAB/molasses). It’s been a few weeks now and i’ve noticed some mold growth on the surface? Can anyone please help explain why this is occurring and if it’s still okay? Thank you!

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LAB should be super saturated with brown sugar for storage just the whey and sugar ….it looks as if you have added the lab and molasses to water by doing this you are activating the solution for its ready to use state and it does not last long before other microbes like yeast n molds move in feeding on the sugar and water ….it can still be used theres not a bunch of molds you can either skim off the mold or mix it in the LAB should overpower anything you mix into the liquid but use it up before it does go really bad on you…. for long term storage the best way is to super saturate it by adding the dry sugar we lock up all the water and put the microbes into a type of hibernation then when we add the solution to water it brings the microbes back to action …check out this vid from drake on how to super saturateΒ

  • dgsmigliani
    Thank you for the info and quick response! In future i’ll try super saturation…
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