Mushroom FPJ / Tincture?


FPJ / Food, as I understand it, is an osmotic extraction of compounds from plants in their most vigorous growth phase which are then fed to other plants to help them grow.

OHN / Medicine, as I understand it, is a tincture of multiple different medicinal plants focused on digestion and immunity which is then fed to plants to aid them in those regards.

There are a multitude of fungi which have potent medicinal and adaptogenic compounds within them which people take to assist in remidiating everything from slight fatigue to cancer. Reishi, cordycepts, turkey tail, chaga, lion’s mane come to mind, to name a few.ย  Could plants also benefit from such compounds? Is this something worth exploring? And what mediums would one use for their extraction? Water? Alcohol? Sugar? All of the above? Sequentially?

Thanks in advance!

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There are three major types of KNF Food based on which part of the plant is fermented.

  1. Growth Tips – Best during the vegetative growth phase
  2. Flowers or Unripe Fruits – Best during the puberty growth phase
  3. Ripe Fruits – Best during the maturing and ripening growth phases

Mushrooms can be prepared either following the KNF Food or the KNF Medicine recipe with great benefit. Doing a Food recipe will result in a water based extraction, and following the Medicine recipe will result in an alcohol based extraction. Both have pros and cons and will extract different compounds from the mushrooms and will also have different delivery methods upon the metabolizing recipient.

You are edging into the verge of unstudied (or at least unpublished) territory, so you are becoming a true scientist that will have to create hypotheses, experiment, document, and repeat. If you were in a university, perhaps you could publish and gain some fanfare and accolades!

If you are just a humble farmer, you will know more and stay humble, and share with those that are worthy.

Personally, I think this will be the future of most pharmacopeia in the post synthetic (oil based) world. It was in the past, so it shall be in the future.

  • Cecily
    Thanks Drake. Natural farming is the cutting edge of science. As a DIY non scientist – I love it.
  • taliiz
    Thanks for the food clarification. And as for the mushrooms, I guess I’ll have to run some experiments, I’ll make sure to document it thoroughly when I get around to it. And as always, thanks for the answer, and thanks for everything you do in general
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