Mushroom rings


Hi Drake,

Thanks for doing the great job that you do. Have binged many of your episodes of KNF office hours and am very grateful.
I am working with a compacted, previously very conventionally handled 5 acres. Compacted as Fark, never buried a tyre or skimmed turf driving in 2 wd around the place. So soil test said I was low in fungi but high in organic matter at 8% from memory. So I have well crawled down the KNF rabbit hole and started liquid imo applications to the orchard with some of the nutritive applications over last summer. As winter started this year there has been 3/39 mature fruit trees (not all treated equally) with full mushroom rings at the drip line. I should say that there was barely any isolated fungus in the orchard over the preceding 4 yrs. haven’t heard this mentioned. Guessing it’s good. Just wondering your thoughts.?
Cheers Steve

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