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We recently got a soil test on fresh ground at our flower farm in Florida. I got discouraged seeing how much it would cost to order all of the amendments needed to prepare it. Then I remembered there has to be a natural farming solution to make it affordable!

Our sandy soil is low in Mg, K, S, P, and N. We have decent compost a local place makes out of yard debris.

What can I make for these specific deficiencies?

ALSO: For bed flips, other than compost, what is the natural farming solution you amend into your beds to replace an all-purpose fertilizer?


Thank you!



EDIT: Or would a better question be: What would you recommend I do?


right now I have 2 month old FAA going (some guts coming up into bubble airlock of faa bucket), weekly aerated compost teas made from huge worm tub and one collection of imo2, fpj made from weeds around farm started a couple of weeks ago

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compost is a very good place to start also making (IMO 4) Activated Microbes will help a lot also and using Soil Prep Formula ….start with adding a good amount of compost to the soil to bring up the plant matter and get a loamy soil to grow in …spread the IMOs across the top of the soil just under the mulch layer to bring back the life to the soil, with out the soil being alive it will be harder to process the nutes the plants need, worm tea and JMS is a good source of microbes but the best will be in the IMOs,ย  JMS will help to get the microbes deeper into the soil and help to feed the IMOs, another great source of microbes is in (IMO5) Composted Microbes also called FMC (this is the source i use for IMOs) LIMO is another great way to get IMOs into the soil ….after adding compost to improve the soil and IMOs we want to go in with soil prep to add nutes and get the IMOs to chase the soil prep down into the soil (this is how i prep my beds with KNF, FMC IMOs and soil prep formula)ย  ….soil prep formula is made by using Food (FPJ) Cleanser (BRV) Medicine (OHN) Structure (WCAP) Protectors (LAB) Minerals (SW) this replaces the need for a all-purpose fertilizer


Happy Experimenting



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    Thank you very much! We have a decent sized compost pile right now full of food scraps, flower waste, and organic chicken manure and hemp bedding. Just making it more of the lazy way and not flipping it so it is not yet ready to use. I absolutely need to make imo4. And the rest of the preps on hand. It is difficult to find undisturbed land to collect more imo’s since we are surrounded by conventional citrus and ag lands. But I will keep looking for old growth trees and leaf mold. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question and help me out.
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