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Good afternoon,

To my fellow natural farmers and members of the Microbial Secret Society…

I am in the process of making OHN for the first time… I am currently just past the first pour off (extraction) stage… My question is about how to ensure that you end up with the same amount of liquid per final storage vessel…as I believe this is key to OHN success. For example, and more specifically related to the ginger and the garlic fluid levels…. I got way less from first pour off.. If I were to pour back in 1/3, I’d have almost nothing left in the storage vessel. I decided to place more importance on matching the storage vessel level and then making up for this with adding more fresh vodka for the ginger and the garlic..Is this they way…?

What are your thoughts? How did you do it?

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What I have done is just run the garlic and ginger 1 more time to get the final levels right …..The thing I love most about KNF is its not a science where everything has to be perfect or u kill stuff its a method that has been evolving for 1000’s of yrs Nothing HAS to be exact if u don’t want it to be, a lil off here a lil off there no biggie …unless it has gone bad then no bad juju in the garden that goes in the compost and becomes great juju for the garden in timeย  ย Happy Experimenting

  • Trevor
    Cool man, thanks for the feedback… that’s a cool idea. Yeah that’s the cool think about KNF is its not as dogmatic and modern day science with all its exact measures and no room for nuance… I don’t know if you can get it perfect… or how much that really matters…but I had to try… that’s just my personality and it must be due to the size of the material particles and how much liquid they can absorb? IDK, but this is only my first time… :) always room for improvement… I started using the suggested amounts of 200g dried herbs(Angelica, Cinnamon and Licorice) and 1kg fresh (Garlic and Ginger). What did you start with? I just wanted to respect the process and the people who have been figuring this out and who have been teaching it and sharing it with the world. So did want to stray to far on my first go around. This is really fun and in the end I will still end up with medicine to help heal fellow humans and plants alike :)
  • dagoofman
    i go with the jar volume method that chris trump talks about it seams to work good cause not all jars r the same size but with the volume method u should get the right ratios no matter the jar size
  • Joe Lorusso
    I agree, this is how I do it also. Adding more or less vodka doesnโ€™t matter because 2 weeks is plenty of time to even it out strength wise.
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