Papaya Leaf FPJ as a BioPesticide


Papaya leaves contain papain, a proteolytic enzyme which is a naturally occurring bio-pesticide. As such I was wondering if could apply Papaya Leaf FPJ as a pesticide?

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The process of fermentation eliminates many of the pesticide type functions when making KNF Food. In fact, many things that are known poisons are made edible after fermentation has elapsed, so I am very skeptical of the papaya leaf KNF Food being an effective pesticide.

You may find it works, but in my best understanding, it acts as a food to stimulate good biology rather than killing or inhibiting something you want to eliminate. I have made KNF Food from papaya leaves and it was quite tasty, though I prefer to make it from the fruits for my purposes.

If you are looking for an effective way to get the proteolytic enzyme from papaya leaves, perhaps consider putting them in a pressure cooker with water and cooking them for many hours until the water reduces in half. This dark slurry is then strained and combined with liquid soap to become an effective pesticide.

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