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Hi KNF Fam

I have just collected some IMO’s from my local forest and when I opened up the box I found some nice fuzzy mould on the rice but also a few pink patches. I can’t seem to find any information about whether these pink patches are good or bad and whether or not i should keep the collection?

I decided to mix it in with the raw cane sugar anyway but before I did I removed some of the bigger spots…

Any advice on what to do with it would be much appreciated.

Blessings from the UK.

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Pinks and reds are not good. I want to be encouraging here, and I think you did your best with limited information to just move to the next step, so that is good, but sounds like you could get a better collection in the future.

Most likely those certain pink microbes that you collected will be outcompeted when you move on to further steps in the IMO process.

My hunch here is that there were also other colors and that the batch looked more like a tiedie shirt? If this is the case, most likely there was too much moisture present in the collection. There are several solutions, the simplest being to add less water to the rice when cooking it, and to wait until it is completely cool before putting it in the collection box.

Collecting IMO can be challenging, so try again!

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