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I have several sick and dying avocado trees that I believe are drowning underground.ย  I would love to save them. I’ve know there is a KNF recipe for this situation, using IMO4 and biochar.ย  I remember the procedure–to dig four holes at the drip line and fill with a mixture–but what are the measurements/ratio? should the two be pre-fermented together and for how long?ย  do I add anything else to the mix? Thanks for your help

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A lot of good questions here!

As far as I know, Master Cho has given a prescription to solve the issue of drowning roots by spreading IMO4 and watering with the appropriate soil treatment solution around the drip line extending out 2-4 feet in a donut shape. This area should also be treated with an appropriate mulch to help the microbes dwell here and subsequently improve the air and water flow of the soil.

As I recall, Elaine Ingham was the one recommending to drill holes on the cardinal points and to fill them with cinder and ‘good’ compost.

To answer your questions specifically

what are the measurements/ratio?

I’d follow Master Cho’s potting soil mix

  • 30% cinder
  • 30% imo4
  • 30% leaf mold soil
  • 10% biochar

should the two be pre-fermented together and for how long?

“Charging” BioChar before agricultural use is recommended by top experts in the field. I have heard one recommend composting it with at least 2% fish meal or comparable nitrogen source and letting it heat up and naturally cool down. This functionalizes the charcoal and that has many benefits. seeย Josiah Hunt on Local Natural Farming Inputs

do I add anything else to the mix?

Love. Love must always be added to the mix!

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