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I may have been over confident in using some fish that was starting to have some funky fish smell for my lastest batch of FAA- it has had a pretty solid stank to it for the first few days. I added a good bit more sugar, some imo 2, ohn, some wood chips covered in hyphae and LAB. It seems like maybe the smell has decreased a tiny bit, but the funk is lingering and it is definitely nothing like the tasty smell of my first batch. Is there anything that can be done to hopefully turn it around so it’s still usable? Give it more time to see if it gets less pungent?


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When making KNF Fuel, if you start with bad fish, it’s like they say, bad fish.

If you study a good batch of KNF Fuel you will find that it is predominantly KNF Police that are preserving the solution. This is not to say that there are not other microbes doing their work to break down and disassemble the amino acids, but if other microbes get in there first and the KNF Police are unable to get dominance because of that, it’s best to start over.

The solutions you have tried to rectify it are exactly what I would recommend to try to fix the situation. The one last suggestion is to make sure all the fish is submerged below the liquid layer or covered entirely with sugar so there is no air exposure. In this anaerobic environment at room temperatures the KNF Police will have the environmental conditions in their favor and maybe be able to quell the riot.

Your nose knows though. If the smell is like rotting flesh, the KNF Police are not in charge and your body is warning you of high pathogens present and metabolizing the system. Masking this scent with other things like wood chips is just that, a mask. The face behind it needs to be transformed.

Under no circumstances put this in your body, unless somehow the scent turns to sweet, and I mean sweet, fish sauce. I’d wait at least 6 months with this batch, and if you can’t rectify the rotting smell in the next week, perhaps just put it away and smell it then. No sense throwing it out unless you live in a tiny home.

If you do go to throw it out, put it into a large compost pile and let the thermophilic microbes do their decomposing magic. Kill it with fire as they say.

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    Thanks! Adjusted the rock in there to get everything possible (couple floaty bits remain) under the surface, added more sugar, ohn and LAB yesterday and this morning there is a bit less of the foul fishy funk. Hopefully time will do the rest! The comprehensiveness of your answer is greatly appreciated, cheers
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