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I cant find any clear answers in the resources i have… once fermented and strained, what is the best way to store FFJ as well as FPJ, OHN, and LABS for future use? And how long can each be stored? Thank you.

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The key to long term storage with KNF Food (which contain both FFJ and FPJ in the old vocabulary) and KNF Police (LAB) is to tie up the water through a process called supersaturation thus arresting the fermentation.

Supersaturation in KNF means that every water molecule is bound with a sugar molecule, and when the microbes try to continue to ferment the solution and thereby degrading it, they instead hibernate because they can not obtain water without obtaining sugar which further dehydrates them.

KNF Police will require equal volumes of brown sugar, so 1 liter of solution will need 1 liter of brown sugar. Volume of irregular solids can be easily measured using Archimedes Method.

Supersaturating KNF Food is a different story as the sugar content of the poured off solution will vary. To be absolutely safe, add equal volume as with KNF Police, but to be economical and not to waste sugar, add the sugar slowly and stir thoroughly. When you are approaching supersaturation the sugar will begin to float like an iceberg on the top of the liquid, and if using a wooden spoon to stir with sufficient volumes the spoon will begin to float. These signs indicate you are close, so in practice a bit more sugar is added to slightly over saturate the solution.

Over saturation will result in a ring of sugar falling out of solution no matter how much you stir it, and it is best to slightly over saturate to ensure that you definitely supersaturate for optimal preservation.

A supersaturated solution will store for many years.

In the case of a KNF Food that is made from the growing tips, the hormones, enzymes and metabolites that are so vital to growth will begin to break down after one year and should at that point be considered more of a KNF Food made from fruits when used in KNF Application Theory.

KNF Food made from fruits will get better over time and will store indefinitely at 1 celsius.

KNF Police will store for 3 months to a year at room temperature, but is best to use within the 3 month window as they are very aggressive microbes and even supersaturating them will not arrest them for long.

KNF Medicine stored out of sunlight and around 1 celsius with a airtight lid will last millenia, and in fact will improve over time just like a fine whiskey. The particles micronize as it ages and it’s effects becomes more potent as they are more readily absorbable upon metabolization, thus an aged KNF Medicine can be reduced by half when formulating for every year of storage.

It is recommended to store each KNF Medicine component separately to facilitate this micronization and only combine the 5 herbs together for the volume you will be needing for that month’s use.

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