Storing Humic Acid/Worm Juice


Im trying to find info on storing worm juice most of what i read says (1 month in a breathable non PET bottle) but i was wondering if i could super saturate it and store it that way over the winter months and if i did how would it change the usage ratios ?

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I don’t see why not, when supersaturating you will induce the microbes to hibernate. Try using at least the same ratio as LAB, or even more because LAB are not only super though but also super fast to multiply, and since I’m not sure how fast that microbe community is, so just to help in speeding up their propagation add more, just in case.

I guess the humic and fulvic acids are a diferent deal tough, I don’t know if those will be preserved or degenerate in the solution.

  • dagoofman
    ty that makes a lot of since being the most they talked about was the worm juice going anaerobic and being bad juju so if the microbes r put into hibernation from the saturation there should be no bad juju forming in the solution hmmm ya i do wonder if it would hurt the humic an fulvic acids being that is what i would really be trying to store not so much the microbes and there’s not much info on this subject in the Master Cho book i have and i haven’t found much info on this in other NF methods the most info iv found on it is compost teas but they r focused on the microbes more then the nutrients…. i could just continue to use it au natural or break down and buy some but most r from coal and i really aint down with supporting the coal industry even if its for my garden or OMRI certified
  • Hugo Matos
    From what i have read so far about humic substances, microbes actually don’t feed on, or degrade them, so those substances are already the final product of organic matter decomposition. Perhaps, and now its just me guessing, these humic substances are already stable enough to be kept with no issue, at room temperature even, and maybe only some sort of external input (like heat or pH changes) will be able to degrade them by breaking chemical bonds.
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