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I first made a small batch of IMO4 with just 5 lbs of rice mill and equal amounts of soil.ย  I saw somewhere that Drake recommended making bigger batches and so I made IMO3 with 25 lbs of rice mill and equal amount of garden soil.ย  Now I have a nice sized pile of IMO4 but keep reading on other sites that it should not be stored – or put in jute bags and stacked.ย  Quite confusing.

My question is, Can I store my IMO4 in a wood box, metal container, or covered in bags to be used later?ย  I only have a small garden and it will take me months to use up.ย  Thanking you in advance for your answer, and thank you for your support and teachings!

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Hello Aunty,

I make my IMO in big batches as well and i store my IMO3 in burlap sacks and take it out when i need to make more IMO4.ย  I store my IMO4 in a cedar chest which has worked out great.


  • aunty
    Mahalo, Jeff. Since I didn’t know what to do I put the finished IMO4 in 2 metal bins and covered with cardboard. I have been spreading it everywhere to use it up but glad to know that I don’t have to “rush” to use it up. Many of the sites that I go to for information say the same thing – to use immediately or within a week, and capital letters “DO NOT STORE”. I’ll be on the lookout for wooden wine boxes or cedar chests. Mahalo again!
  • renoryan
    So i would only store IMO4 in a cedar chest not metal bins. Another good way to use up your IMO4 is to make a LIMO.
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from the book …..u would put the IMO4 back in the bags


How to store IMO-3
Keep the IMO3 bags in shaded and cool place. Make sure that
the air is well circulated by keeping IMO-3 in a ventilated
container such as jute / gunny / cloth bags.
First, spread rice straw or leaf litter at the bottom of the
container, and put in IMO-3. During storage, the IMO-3 may
become dry (moisture level 20-30%) as the moisture gets
evaporated. It means that the IMOs have entered a sleeping
phase (state of dormancy). Pile up containers into 3 layers and
shield them from direct sunlight and rain. At this point, there
is no need to turn over, because of the convection currents that
are created through the gaps of containers.


Moisture may be evaporated during storage. So adjust the
moisture content to 65-70% by adding nutrient liquids of
natural farming inputs just before using IMO-4.

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