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Hey Everybody,

I just started my journey into KNF earlier this year and I have just recently done 2 batches of FAA a week apart.

First was 2 liters of whole mackerel chopped up into quarters. Everything seems to be going well with little circles of white bacteria on the surface which I’m assuming is some type of bacillus.

1st batch

Second is 6 liters fish waste and salmon heads which has lots of bluey Trichoderma-like fungus growing on the surface and sides where the heads are protruding as the waste breaks down.

2nd batch

Is this going to be a problem? And has this already gone bad after 2 weeks. I am getting no bad smells from either and have tried pushing the heads under but they keep resurfacing. used a little LAB and OHN as currently do not have any IMO going. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Also these are in my kitchen cupboard is the Trichoderma like stuff a health hazard?

Thanks KNF family much love from AU

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OHN will help keep fat/lipids down, but a dash of IMO4 will really really help keep the top dissolved.

I would not use LAB on top of your FAA.

To make a good FFA, it takes 3-6 months… if you get it right 1:1 BS/Fish, just let it sit until it’s completely liquid.

I do this in a glass jar, then put it in the ground, (outside) in a hole an check on it later.

What is your temperature in which you’re fermenting at? Are you covering the top with a good 1inch of BS?


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    Thanks Jay, I’m working on imo 1 as we speak. That video you posted is pretty much the one I followed. Temps are room temp atm is 15 – 25 c and we will be going I to summer soon so might see some higher fluctuations. I’m not too worried to be honest, just curious about the blueish mould on top and wether this will be an issue as we start to move into warmer months. The ground idea is nice I am assuming you have a sealed lid then? Mine is currently just got the lid sitting on top but not sealed… And I did have a sugar cap on top which has disappeared though and I don’t want to add more and accidentally super saturate my FAA
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