Trying to make FPJ out of dried seaweed n kelp Need Ideas Please


I am trying to make FPJ out of dried seaweed n kelp since i am not close to the ocean i was thinking to re-hydrate the dried stuff i could use beer or water not sure what would be best then also thinking how much liquid to add i would think not to much to allow the dried plants to absorb most of the liquid b4 i added the sugar or would it not really matter since all the water soluble stuff would just leach into the liquid anyways and become locked up in the sugar solution not fully sure on how to go about this so any help would be great ty all

  • dagoofman
    UPDATE: Well first i will say if u try this my results where a slimy goopy mess making glob of stuff that was well pretty tasty. First i started with 2 packages 2oz each 1 of sea weed 1 of kelp dried (not roasted) mixed both in a jar re-hydrated with some beer about 10 oz or so let set in a closed jar for 2 nights, there was very little liquid left in the jar afterwards, i then added raw sugar 1:1 by weight repacked the material into another jar added a sugar cap and let ferment for 7 days. The results where about 6oz of FPJ it took almost 6 hrs to strain it dripped out very slowly i also added a large mug of water to the top of the material to add a weight to help press the liquid out of the glob of slime. On a side note there was so much deep green plant matter left that i decided to put it all back in a jar add water and a bit of LAB to help break down the remaining plant matter i plan on adding it to my garlic garden when i plant it out in a week or so. Happy Experimenting!
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