Using a diversity of KNF food


What does make more sense.To use a diversity of FPJ’s or use the same FPJ in one year?
So lets says instead of making 1litre of FPJ from phragmites shoots, you make 200 ml of this one,200 ml of purslane,200 ml of mint,200 ml of blackberry shoots,200 ml of olive tree shoots.
What is it better?
Also this way you don’t have to carry the material all at once.You make it here and there with different ingredients.

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When using KNF Food it makes sense to use a few, just like when you go to a potluck, you don’t just load up on the potatoes, you grab some meat, some chips, some dip, a bit of salad, a few brownies and maybe some tasty pudding. Plants are no different. They want the mixed plate too. All this helps to lead to a more balanced diet if done right.

But, say you are watching your weight, so maybe you forgo the brownies and double up on the salad. This is the same concept for plants and how KNF Food can alter their growth behavior, so getting to know your solutions will help you create the perfect mix to help your plant get what it needs. Knowing what food does what to your plant is a matter of really understanding the Cho theory of the house model, which unfortunately was the first seminar I took with him and I neglected to record it on video so I only have the vaguest of notes. Still this shouldn’t be hard to reverse engineer with contemporary science and knowing what nutrients each plant aggregates and then what those chemicals do in terms of modern plant science.

I note that you want to mix all the KNF Foods together, and I recommend for the most part to store them separately, but yes combine them all into one jar, but just enough for a month’s worth of working material. This makes it convenient so you don’t always have to be mixing, but also helps them store better individually as noted elsewhere.

Also please note that making them and storing separately is crucial, and I think that is implied in your question. Take this analogy to demonstrate the concept: If I want curry and a cake but instead I throw all the ingredients in the oven then cook it, I will end up with neither curry nor cake, but if i cook them separately and then put them on my plate once they are cooked, there is a good chance I will be able to enjoy both the curry and cake within the limits of this analogy.

When we start to think of KNF in this way, things become almost intuitive, and this is what I hope to share with you. The concepts we already know the answer to, and with slightly different thinking we become masters of KNF.

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