Using KNF for overal pest management.


I am looking to see if there is a foliar spray application that van be used to treat overall pests. Β I have a few holes in my leaves and am looking to rid myself of the pests.

I understand about using BRV, but that takes time to brew which I will start today. Β However in a week who knows how far along the pests would go.

Also, if I use said solution, should I spray beneficials back not the plant after?

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In terms of a spray that can be used preemptively to discourage pests without damaging your plant and at the same time staying organic, yes, what you are looking for is to mix ULC KNF Pest Solutions.

There is a way to make Ultra Low Cost liquid soap at home, or a bottle of Dr. Bronners will also work, then this is blended with a concentrated herb solution.

To make the concentrated herb solution, you want to look for a plant that grows in your area that no bugs eat. In my case I use wadelia, but other recommended plants are ginkgo or jarusalem artichoke leaves. Gather a bunch of material and stuff it into a pressure cooker, then fill it half way with water and turn it on for a couple hours until the water reduces down to about a 1/4 and becomes very dark in color.

The key then is to blend these herbs with the soap and apply all over the leaves surface making the plant very unpalatable to insects.

The ratios to combine with water are
1:100 for the concentrated herbs and
1:170 for the soap.

or in other words, if I have 1 liter of water, put in 10mL of concentrated herbs and 6mL of soap.

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