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Hey I had heard to use 100 gallons/acre for soil drench and 25 gal/acre for foliar.ย  At our current bed setup of 1440 sq ft thats only 3 gal for soil drench and 0.75 gal for foliar which seems like way too low a number to effectively reach everything.ย  Has anyone had any experience on this or has a recommendation on water usage to mix inputs with per acre/sq ft?

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For soil applications, use 4 to 5 gallons of solution per 100 square feet and water it in with about 15 gallons.

For foliar applications, it depends on your sprayer. The smaller the droplets, the less you need to use.ย  If the droplets are 50 microns or smaller, 20 gallons will cover an acre.ย  At 100 microns, it takes 8 times as much to cover the same area. These numbers assume that you are using JWA, if not, double them.

How do you determine your micron size? The quick and easy way is to spray it in the air, if it is a fine just and floats away, it is roughly 50 microns. If it does not float away, it is 100+.

If half of the spray floats and half falls immediately, two things are true.

1. You need a better nozzle

2. At 50/50, you need 6x the volume

At 75/25, you need 4x the volume

  • Abselom
    Are you saying, after applying solution to go back over it with 15 gallons plain water?
  • FlereusBioAG
    Yes, or you could mix 4 or 5 gallons worth of ingredients into 19-20 gallons of water, and just put it on all at once
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