What is Mineral A-D? Calcium Phosphate & Calcium... do you need Phosphoric Acid too?


@Drake, how are you? I have two questions..

I have been natural farming for a while but I have never seen this before…

This PDF on the site: https://naturalfarminghawaii.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Mineral.pdf


These minerals, A-B-C-D, what exactly are they?


Also, when it comes to using calcium phosphate week before/change over/maybe week after… and calcium later in flower, ( I have seen a KNF input for phosphoric acid)..

When is WSPA (acid) used vs. WSCP (calPhos) ? OR, do you not need all these inputs, just WSCA and WSCalPhos?


Thank you.



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Mineral A-D are special extracts that Master Cho makes. He has never taught the recipe, and in our testing of them vary greatly from batch to batch. The closest we have come to making them is to put different rocks into what he calls a BMW Machine. Because the minerals are not readily available or consistent, they are not part of the 9 Core Solutions, and instead we advise the use of seawater to get a balanced amount of all minerals, which is nearly identical to Mineral A.

Feel free to dig deeper into this though, there are many references throughout my videos of Cho talking about the minerals.

Water Soluble Phosphoric Acid does help during the change-over period and should be used by advanced natural farmers.

  • knjfarms
    So, calcium phosphate can’t replace phosphoric acid? Is WSPA just used at cross over and WSCAP (CalPhos) is used before and after but NOT at cross over? Those two inputs are confusing to me. As far as Mineral A-E… Oh I see now. I have been bubbling lime/diatomaceous earth/langbeinite/epsom salt in a 5 gallon bucket to bring calcium/mag/silica/sulfer @ 60ppm each watering + the foliar inputs once a week spray. I have basalt and granite in most of my pots, get a higher CEC/paramagnetic. Thanks Drake! -Jay KNJFarms
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