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I have a question about FFJ and FPJ. So different plants will provide different benefits to our plants  and ourselves. So my question is if I’m making FPJ do I have to make it only using one plant and make several separate batches? can I combine different plants to make FPJ? And if I have to keep FPJ separated how do I apply it? Rotate the type I’m using or if I have multiple FPJ I mix them all in before I use it?

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Fermenting plant juice to make KNF Food is done with strictly one plant at a time. Other recipes for making KNF Food from fruits use 3 or more.

The reason for only using one plant material at a time is in the stage of fermentation, to make it as clean and efficient as possible. The microbes colonizing the plant’s surface are designed to digest it and break that specific plant down as it naturally sloughs off cells, so when you mix them with sugar and cause the juice to come through the cell boundary, these microbes do really well. However, if you have multiple plants, the microbes from one plant are really good at digesting their own plant the are only okay at digesting a different plant. When the microbes mix with multiple plants and the resulting fermentation is only so-so.

The best way to combine KNF Food made by fermenting plant juice is to mix the different KNF Food solutions right before using them. So where a recipe calls for 1:500 of KNF Food, I can put in 1:1000 of one plant material and 1:1000 of another plant material. Both of these together will make 1:500 dilution.

The other thing to note is that different parts of the plant correspond with different phases of the plant growth. In the early vegetative stage, it is best to apply KNF Food made from plant tips, as the plant starts to enter puberty, it is best to use KNF Food from flowers, and as the fruit starts to ripen a KNF Food made from fruit will have added benefit.

  • Wilver Mazariegos
    Thanks man. Really helpful. I made some FPJ using seaweed but after 2 months being stored I notice a thing layer of “mold” I removed it and it doesn’t smells bad should I do something else with it? Also I stabilize some LAB and I didn’t put a tight seal lid and it looks like the top it’s getti ticker and different color than the bottom. Can I use it or is it bad? Can I send you pictures?
  • drake
    ask more questions on KNF Support. if you add these as new questions(https://knfsupport.com/questions/ask), all will be answered. this comment is not really the best place to ask new questions because it will get buried under an unrelated question.
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