Wheat farming KNF way


I farm in the Swartland region in South Africa.

My question know is this coming winter I want to do 500ha wheat KNF style. Our winter when the wheat grows it is to wet to do foliars every 2 weeks like I’ve done in the vineyard, so I have to boost the soil beforehand to try to get less foliars in during vegetative growth of the wheat.

My biggest problem in the area we farm is that our average rainfall during the summer, from Desember to Februarie is less that 5mm per month, this year we had no rain in this three months. That means that the little bit of soil life I had at the end of the previous harvest was burnt dead by the sun during our dry season.

Question time:

1       Am I right in saying the sun killed most of my soil life as there was nothing growing on this soil in this heat?
2       How many soil drenches 100l/ha would you advice before planting after the first rains in April, planting in May with 1 application of the soil drench after planting?
3       Can you give to much of this soil drench?
4       How often should I give the KNF foliar, is every 2 weeks to much, can I stretch it to 3-4 weeks?


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