Worm Castings & Compost Tea in KNF


For about a month now I’ve been studying all the information that exists on the web about KNF that I can get my hands on. One thing that I haven’t found much about is the place, if any, for worm-castings and compost tea in KNF. I was wondering if anybody can shed some light on this question: What is the role of vericompost and compost tea in KNF?

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In KNF it has been found that worm castings are an almost essential part of waking up the dormant KNF Microbes. Worm castings are full of vital humic and fulvic acids which signal to the indigenous micro organisms that it is time to wake up and go to work. In nature this would occur in a rich forest environment where the fungus is happy to hatch and live a very comfortable life, but for us, we are sort of “hacking” nature a bit by tricking the microbes into thinking they are in the forest, when in reality, they are in our cultivated fields.

Humic and fulvic acids as well as worm castings are naturally found in a humus layer, yet we want to kick start that process, so we can make a tea of concentrated KNF Microbes and in this include KNF Food, KNF Cleanser, KNF Medicine as well as worm castings and actively aerate this solution for 24-36 hours to grow the populations to immense numbers, then spray or drench this on the area we want to treat, and the soil responds by coming to life with all the essential ingredients of a naturally healthy system.

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