Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Nov 7 2021

Table of Contents for this Office Hour

0:00Welcome and iChing
3:34fermented seawater (how to & uses)
6:10How do I make (brown rice) vinegar? – Making vinegar from knfFood (fpj)
9:37brackish water in place of seawater
11:00How to collect microbially rich seawater
11:27Freshwater microbes vs. salt water microbes
13:11Gathering minerally rich seawater
14:37reconstituting seawater from sea salt
15:47vinegar fermentation (alcohol –>vinegar) & makgeolli
18:10Are cucumbers a replacement for dropwort & mugwort FPJ?
19:32mugwort fpj uses & properties
20:28dropwort fpj uses & properties
22:14favorite types of knfFood for medicinal uses
24:30drought resistant plants for fpj – transferring plant properties through fpj
26:48jump start an imo4 pile
27:54Low temperate imo4 piles
30:30Insulating IMO4 pile
31:36โ€œDo you make EM in KNF?โ€
34:11yeast & its functions (from Cho book)
37:35what is the best way to apply KNF foliarly?
40:12is it OK to drench?
41:34year old FAA with little liquid
44:33STORING imo4 – cedar box or feed bags?
47:30how much FAA do i need for a small garden for a growing season?
48:17Eating FAA
49:13How much FAA should i make?
50:53does using a pressurized sprayer kill biology?
54:49How long can labs be stored in the fridge vs stored with sugar?
56:13monocropping with knf and imos
58:25Knfsupport &

Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Oct 31 2021

0:00Welcome and iChing
5:40IMO4 breaks down lipids, fats, oils
7:41LAB for laundry
7:54FAA-KNF Fuel- don’t add IMO4
8:53WCP- KNF Structure- what to do with the bones
10:43use organic, granular sugar? Roundup is a microbialcide
14:22meristems and FPJ- KNF Food
15:30UH published about KNF outperforming other methods
16.30hormones; drink ferments
17:11stinging nettle
17:34bromelain in pineapples
18:55LAB-KNF Protectors- powdery mildew, bud rot and pests; what about algae?
19:47how to get the book- and trainings- website updated
27:01Evan Sharp- Santa Rosa KNF practitioner
27:20Tanzania books
28:19Microbial Secret Society; support the effort
32:35social media
34:55Changeover Cycle- hazelnut orchard- improve pollination- WCP- KNF Structure and other solutions
39:07pig pens and biochar
41:56how to use grapes and other fruits
44:40KNF is about balance
45:47seawater storage
47:23fermented seawater- use it soon after making it; when to use; dilution
48:52maltose- sun drying; Master Cho book, enzymes that accelerate composting; soil foundation, seedling treatment
51:40recipe for maltose on, under Legacy Recipes
52:08more about maltose
54:08deciduous trees in Israel- how to transition to KNF- integrate IMOs
56:48Microbial Secret Society- episode about irrigating without water, polymorphism
58:50Dr. Elaine Ingham and KNF
1:05:00Indonesia- JMS to KNF- prebiotics to probiotics; how to plant a tree; amend to the outside, biochar
1:09:54IMO4 vs. liquid IMO
1:12:50Nurseries- liquid IMO when watering; seed soaking solution; LAB-KNF Protectors for disease; KNF Fuel; medium to include IMO4
1:16:00KNF- always use it
1:17:04why come to KNF Farm

Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Oct 24 2021

0:00Welcome and iChing
4:45what’s important
6:05screwing the soil
7:02planting trees
9:02JMS vs. IMO- ph is up to the microbes
12:13pro-mix microrhiza- use IMOs to balance
16:30kudos to Mark- barn retrofitted
17:25LAB (KNF Protectors)- reactivate from supersaturation
19:50oxygenated water
20:08supersaturate with sugar; microbes eat sugar
21:04KNF is one of the best ways- harmony with nature
22:05climate stability is living microbes
23:23best plants to make solutions; OHN (KNF Medicine); FPJ-FFJ (KNF Food)- use vigorous growing plants
28:10super saturate
29:00look for plant’s characteristics
31:20banana shoots
31:44how much to make
32:40other plants for KNF Food
35:00problems into solutions
36:20fermentation takes care of toxins- consider your source
38:24support Drake and get the Recipe Book-
39:28Legacy Recipes under “Recipes” menu- Master Cho’s materials from 2011
41:50use solutions for yourself
43:06oxygen in water; bacterial mineral waterfall-vortex brewer
45:08KNF solutions with potting containers
48:00cold tolerance in plants
50:18volcanic ash and IMOs, KNF Protectors
51:58rice in IMO
54:12KNF and Bioponics
55:12soil web under microscope- EarthFort Labs, someone trained with Dt. Elaine Ingham
56:20cover crop for egg layes that can be made into silage
57:20brewer bubbles and a vortex
58:49animal barn- proper smell for water soluble calcium -WCP (KNF Structure)- taste it
1:01:30feminizing seeds with urine
1:02:50seed soak and maltose- Legacy Recipes under “Recipes” menu (Natural Farming Amendment Formulas)
1:04:55playback of recordings at
1:06:30training at KNFFarm-