Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ August 7, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:12I Ching Reading – K’un The Receptive
0:05:50inspirational shares from office hour folks; knf solution kit; homemade 25gallon sprayer
0:08:17knf grown sunflower; praying mantis; beneficial insects protect your crops
0:09:09grass clippings; knf grown beef steak tomato; cracking fruit; calcium
0:12:11knf garden plot; pond cleaned by lactor; cucumbers
0:13:54fish from the ponds; IMO box being eaten away; IMOs breaking down gravel rocks; microbe bloom
0:16:43microscope pictures from fresh IMO#4 pile; segmented fungus; spores; bacteria; bacterial feeding nematodes
0:19:41the function of nematodes; NPK cycling; soluble nutrients; root zone; chemical farming vs natural farming nutrients
0:24:5810-100x microscope images; fungal spore; flagellate; amoeba; protozoa; segmented fungus; nematode
0:29:38culturing IMO#4 forms clay soil into balls; bokashi EM balls; bokashi paint ball
0:35:18black soildier fly larva in Disgustingly Cheap Food recipe (JLF)
0:36:50black soildier fly larva in knfFood extract (FPJ); supersaturation
0:38:28collecting IMOs in the desert; microbial secret society podcast; knf support . com; search office hours
0:41:12knf pig pen design; conway greenhouse; livestock; Spencer Karren
0:44:47JADAM IS KNF; fruit ferment with LAB; fermented plant extract (FPE); energy shortage methods
0:47:40can you prolong the shelf life of Cheap Food recipe? anaerobic zombie microbes; fertilizer vs innoculant
0:50:44mushrooms are popping up everywhere; benefit of IMO#4
0:51:27can we house both pigs & chicken under one 12×12 roof?
0:54:09where can i get the pdf of the Recipe Book?
0:55:00can i use LAB to counter the effects of an anaerobic biochar solution?
0:56:19how long does it take to get each stage of IMO?
0:58:35basic poultry training videos at Mr. Lee’s farm; runnning pigs & chickens in the same pens
1:01:26collecting IMOs in the fall (autumn)