Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ July 31, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:00:54I Ching Reading – Kuei Mei – The Marrying Maiden
0:07:59life on the farm; robot to weed & water FoodTaco; automating the farm fantasy
0:11:54JADAM fertilizar/Disgustingly Cheap recipes for surviving food shortage
0:12:45Hawaiian language website; akua/fungi/God
0:15:30homemade IMO tumbler; industrial turner with overhead auger
0:19:32more hawaiian words for fungus
0:21:09Disgustingly Cheap Food fertilizer; what if you’re making it from dried grass? variations; precausions
0:23:32Protozoean infusion for protozoean deficient soil
0:25:10tomato wilt; knf voodoo; knfProtectors; how to present knf to skeptics
0:30:12powdered bamboo in animal food; fermented cow dung for chicken food
0:31:58do not put JADAM solutions on body
0:32:39Microbe Hunter – Paul (Finish film)
0:33:39timeline/evolution of Disgustingly Cheap microbes graph; bad smells are no-nos; zombie vs. worker microbes
0:37:33how do i link up with other knf farmers in my area? KNF directory prototype; PKNF Foundation’s mission & purpose
0:42:02how do i charge biochar? video resources for leaning biochar; Josiah Hunt
0:52:10sharing knf thru youtube; interested folks who want to make a difference matter
0:54:12sugar for preservation; activation for molases
0:55:34protecting IMO box
0:58:54making brown sugar with white sugar and molases; video on sugar vs molases; intro to knf video
1:00:19how to search for videos within a youtube channel
1:03:52my first batch of LAB: what should it smell like?
1:08:08knfFuel for young vs older plant; nitrogen synthesis; amino acids