Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ July 24, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:02:00I Ching Reading- Earth over Wind- Pushing Upward
0:04:16vocabulary is powerful- grow your garden
0:05:28Mau in Cambodia has translated the Recipe Book into Spanish
0:08:10emails to Drake at
0:08:50can plants be too dry to make the Food (FPJ)? Not all plants are equal in the juice they render; can add 10% of the sugar as salt
0:11:48making Food with mugwort; using a quart jar; temperature and waiting
0:14:58compacted soil- KNF Protectors (LAB); IMO and Maintenance Formula and Seawater
0:16:40Seawater floculates as well as other solutions- drench
0:19:58till or no till? broad forking; more organic matter and more microbes
0:24:01plants help to break up compaction- carrots, daikon, vetiver, cassava
0:25:35Post Up Media IMO3 under the microscope video; check out the playlist on Dr Drake’s YouTube channel
0:35:15water soluble potassium (ripe fruit Food) / phosphorus (unripe fruit Food)- go for balance, then deficiencies
0:38:59drywall, gypsum as soil amendments- rich fathers, poor sons
0:39:50KNF chicken coop- use KNF protectors; never use JMS for livestock- too many pathogens
0:41:34where can I get koh on Oahu? check out BEI
0:42:13which is better- soil floculation or dispersion? do both
0:42:30what microscope is the best? Dr Drake doesn’t know but has an Amscope- get a compound one that stagesand has a trinocular not a digital one
0:45:47how long does it take to make IMO3? 7-14 days
0:46:30google the video of Elaine Ingham explaining how to choose a microscope
0:47:44what type of wood can I use for the coop nesting and feeder? check DRake’s YouTube channel and search for chicken feeder
0:49:55KOH is potassium hydroxide
0:50:54treatment program recommendation for enhancing ohia tree’s resiiency against Rapid Ohia Death? search ROD on YouTube channel
0:53:23can brown rice vinegar be replaced with apple cider vinegar? absolutely- produce it yourself and you’ll get a living vinegar
0:53:55living, no-smell floor work for horses? YES; need a 6 foot depth
0:55:44optimal temp for making IMO? diffrent microbes; shouldn’t have too much rain when collecting- takes longer if it’s cooler
0:57:10milk kefir instead of LAB for chickens?
0:58:40soldering with a magnifying glass; micro-controllers
0:59:58KNF Newsletter- Food Tacos- find it at
1:03:21Noah getting his arc togehter
1:04:22raspberry pie- ESP 8266 for temperature probes for IMO
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1:09:04Long Live the Natural Farmer