Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ August 21, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:02:07I Ching Reading – 27. Providing Nourishment
0:11:49collecting rice wash water (LAB recipe); can you wait too long? curd cork
0:15:15how to preserve LAB for a long time; tips
0:15:58all three stages of LAB and its smells
0:17:16storebought probiotics (lactobassillus);
0:18:15Jim McElvaney’s Backyard Probiotics; basillus subtilis; basillus lichenformis; homemade probiotics heal all kind of diseases!
0:27:00“Can i use water kefir instead of lacto?”; probiotic
0:29:04stay on our farm @ Three River’s Farm on Airbnb in Papaikou, HI
0:31:37putting LAB in smoothies/food; glucose as a carrier to the gut
0:32:18soil microbe based probiotics; seed IMO consituents
0:34:03probiotic (lab grown strain) capsules; bacillus subtilus
0:36:35“How is Master Cho doing?”
0:39:27knfProtectors have healed our guts
0:40:15foaming lacto
0:41:15starting a farm in Ka’u, should we remove the christmas berry trees?
0:42:19knfvideo 2019 playlist; Christmas Berry “bio-rejuvenation juice” helps ancent orange poisoning
0:47:00water kefir is lactobacillus
0:47:39what is the difference between fish amino acid and fish hydrolisate
0:48:54knfFuel (fish amino acid) recipe; to add IMO or not?
0:50:05applying KNF to cover crops; leaf & soil formula
0:53:33adding vinegar to eggshells
0:54:43Disgustingly Ceap KNF; putrefication; fermentation
0:55:55new knf class video; seasalt; “what do we do in a deenergized supply breakdown situation?”; cheap knf basics
0:57:16Sugar vs Molasses video
0:58:31How to knf video: Julia from Findland makes knfFood from flowers for bees!
1:02:38“Bees & Microbes” on knf video