Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ August 28, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:22I Ching Reading – Biting Through
0:08:16pigs on the farm story
0:13:37people checking in, sending videos
0:15:23what does Drake feed his pigs? commercial feed is in short supply
0:19:13in what ratio of LAB starter do you add? does it have sugar? 600 ml in a 30 gal trashcan
0:20:52food taco hooked up to moisture sensor
0:31:00video from Rainbow Possum Farm, showing great KNF results- this is the inspiration
0:36:27video of making WCA (water soluble calcium)
0:42:28video collecting IMOs
0:45:40making KNF Food (FPJ) from mugwort
0:46:15back to IMO collection
0:48:30KNF Protectors (LAB) mixed with brown sugar with clear stuff on top- OK? storage; your nose knows
0:49:25photos of 10 gallons to spray- automatic dilutor; different sprayers
0:50:32flower garden photos
0:52:03why use all the solutions- don’t IMOs create the conditions for plants to thrive? help them to speed up the process
0:54:23Drake’s channel with demo farms in Korea- farmers practice KNF so well, they don’t have to do much
0:56:30can good IMO be made without anything else? you can but Master Cho talks about right food, right time, right amount
1:01:09Robert’s Rules of Order- Certification Committee; directory coming
1:02:15thanks to Puire KNF Foundation;
1:02:58thanks for the videos- long live the Natural Farmer