Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ September 4, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:41I Ching Reading – Shi- The Army
0:06:44inflation; book- “The Art of War”- best to be prepared but be a Natural Farmer; rising energy costs
0:13:57rain catchment is illegal in some places
0:14:27forest management
0:15:27Reset to Korean Natural Farming
0:16:18making disgustingly cheap leaf fertilizer with IMO4; leaf mold
0:19:25electricity doubled in Maine
0:19:47fossil fuel farming; sequester CO2; use fossil fuels and microbes to regenerate
0:24:30KNF Fuel (FAA)
0:25:08root feeding nematodes in the disgustingly cheap food
0:26:32making KNF Food (FPJ) from sprouts; sprouted seed tea; maltose as a KNF solution
0:27:35cucumber vinegar
0:28:03carbon sequestration; climate restoration
0:33:07ground covers
0:33:40spread the message to more people- we have solutions
0:34:40best food is natural farm raised pork
0:35:50always keep your soil covered; tilling
0:38:30500-1000 people weekly tune into Office Hours; feel linked together in the KNF movement
0:40:45sell KNF- do it and be an example- it sells itself
0:42:00video of Goofman’s garden; use fish to grow more corn
0:45:03gardening is healing
0:45:55turn a field into grass without tillage
0:46:19sweeten your crops with specific KNF Food
0:47:30be a caretaker of the Earth
0:48:20Drake’s potato garden; moisture sensors- more moisture at night; robots can’t farm as well as humans
0:52:08living bed for dairy cows
0:53:20livestock presentation
0:56:03foliar feeding is 4x’s as effective as drenching
0:57:05microbe solution for sten rot- use KNF Protectors (LAB)
0:58:30robot to mow grass
0:59:17does Drake slaughter his own animals?
1:00:50speed up grass growing by using disgustingly cheap microbes and food- cover crops plus solutions
1:02:00KNF hui on island? Office Hours and visit the farm
1:02:55continue to make trillions of tiny differences and make a big difference
1:03:22thank yous- you, God, Master Cho, PureKNF Foundation
1:04:05long live the Natural Farmer