Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ September 11, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:41I Ching Reading – the family/ the clan
0:11:30solution is to plant a garden, grow food; nring the message; what you do matters into the future
0:13:12has anyone ever used NF techniques to maintain a forest farm?
0:16:37videos- persimmon farm in Korea
0:19:50prevent evaporation with mulching; chop and drop with wild grass
0:26:17LAB for foot/ shoe odor? yes and use it for laundry
0:27:48which dilution for laundry? 2TBSP per load and can spray shoes
0:29:08detergents aren’t good, use soap
0:30:30teach people how to make their own LAB
0:32:00no mold- IMOs and LAB keeping the balance
0:32:18video footage on YouTube channel and some on Drake’s hard drivennel
0:33:10more videos
0:43:50vineyard used KNF for mold
0:44:48can you use fruits with mold to make KNF Food?
0:45:25seed solution to germinate coconuts? Have to remove husk?
0:47:03thick juice for KNF Food?
0:48:08more on sprouting coconuts
0:49:16video of micro-brewer
0:51:40Let’s Grow Hilo; more videos
0:56:50drone footage of Drake’s farm
1:00:10fish and IMOs on the farm
1:03:08how far is pigpen and chicken coop from your house?
1:06:52thank yous
1:07:03long live the Natural Farmer