Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ December 18, 2022

0:04:02Intro and Welcome
0:04:57I Ching Reading – Youthful Folly
0:10:12still harvesting using KNF even when it’s freezing
0:11:43Master Cho’s OHN- KNF Medicine
0:14:22Use OHN for eating an older chicken
0:15:00more on Master Cho’s OHN- KNF Medicine
0:16:44Angelica root
0:27:21Buy herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs
0:28:12Pro Tip- Garlic- soak in water with some KNF Food overnight; can do for Ginger too
0:29:24more on Master Cho’s OHN- KNF Medicine
0:51:45KNF Medicine gets better with age- micronization
0:54:26Master Cho’s FPJ- KNF Food
0:57:13Seaweed for KNF Food
0:59:03Nutritive Cycle
0:59:40preview of other solutions to be covered in future episodes
1:02:20integrate the animals into KNF
1:05:30Thank You