Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ December 11, 2022

0:01:53Intro and Welcome
0:03:22I Ching Reading – Nourishment/Waiting
0:06:06KNF Medicine (OHN)- testimony of curing a month-long cough
0:09:33Mauna Loa is erupting
0:11:41Drake’s chickens hatching and feed
0:18:36HFUU convention highlights
0:22:52no-smell pigpen
0:27:56regenerative ag wind row system on Maui
0:28:56animals- spray pasture with diluted seawater and IMOs
0:29:26America needs KNF- would change ag
0:30:17more HFUU convention highlights
0:31:35HFUU convention- prepping IMO pile
0:32:51Uncle Bobby farm tour
0:35:15Kaea’s farm; Kunekune pigs
0:36:32KNF Fuel straining
0:37:37access to red soil/clay for IMO making
0:39:08making IMO3 without KNF Food
0:43:05more about pig farming
0:43:56open AI
0:44:34pig pens can be anywhere- videos on Drake’s YouTube channel
0:47:22KNF Cleanser (vinegar) and gnats
0:49:33Drake will be traveling and teaching within Hawaii
0:50:37more about KNF Cleanser (vinegar) and gnats
0:51:10Cheryl in Idaho can help with KNF
0:52:07worms in acidic conditions
0:53:20Drake will be traveling and teaching within Hawaii
0:54:30soil- Master Cho’s presentation on how to use the IMO; soil formula in the Recipe Book
0:57:15red wigglers
0:58:07cover cropping, etc., from last week
0:58:32KNF Medicine (OHN) preview- sanitize, keep plants warm
1:02:50tune into Office Hours for KNF wisdom
1:03:11Drake is working on more ways to present Office Hours
1:03:40red wigglers
1:04:32visit for Q&A
1:04:55long live the Natural Farmer