Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ November 27, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:28I Ching Reading – The Creative
0:06:29IMO4 from 10 collections- spread in winter
0:07:40JADAM sulfur for disease?
0:17:29how to kill flea nettles?
0:18:58appply IMO in fall? spring? making IMO indoors
0:21:45flea beetle
0:23:05thyme, catnip, mint as pesticides with sulfur and soap
0:24:27major difference between IMO and disgustingly cheap microbes (JMS)- lots of previous discussion on; also search past episodes of Office Hours
0:26:40how to collect indoors- videos on Drake’s YouTube channel- need a lot of leaf litter
0:29:00don’t kill too many of your target species; better to go probiotic and keep plants healthy
0:30:00YouTube clip from “Predator”; fix your foundation
0:32:10cucumber plant juice gone bad
0:34:00past episodes of Office Hours at; table of contents for each episode
0:37:30reading of entries for merit lottery for tix to HFUU annual convention
0:42:00Master Cho’s presentation on How to Utilize IMO- review from last week
0:43:30Master Cho’s presentation on Crop’s Cultivation Environment Recovery- human health and plant health are related
0:45:02Three types of groundwork
0:47:06Soil groundwork
0:51:00grass in an orchard; rye and clover as ground covers; where to put amendments for trees
0:56:37microbes naturally express themselves
0:58:26row crops
0:59:53use articulating line trimmer on your weedeater
1:00:35back to row crops
1:01:50aggregate soil structure
1:02:28breaking hard soil
1:03:25seed groundwork
1:04:16seed treatment solution in Recipe Book
1:06:12seedling groundwork
1:07:06summary of 3 types of groundwork
1:07:29KNF Medicine (OHN) next week
1:07:40thanks for practicing and teaching KNF; thanks to Master Cho and Pure KNF Foundation
1:08:04no episode next week due to HFUU convention; Drake will broadcast on Dec 11 but not on Dec 18 or Dec 25, maybe New Years
1:09:40KNF course coming up
1:10:07long live the Natural Farmer