Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ November 20, 2022

0:00:00Count down
0:02:03Intro & Welcome
0:03:24I Ching Reading: The Family (The Clan)
0:06:50Ever man and woman is a star
0:09:07is KNF production as good as chemical farming?
0:15:46whats the difference between JADAMN and KNF?
0:16:56knfVortex brewer: How to (video); bacterial mineral water simple brewer
0:22:50vital role of alcohol in knfFood (fpj); why you need “slight alcohol smell” in final product
0:25:15is seawater enough to replace missing minerals? elements & minerals present in seawater/salt
0:28:35can you leave knfFood ferment too long so it loses its potency?
0:30:02molasses used instead of sugar makes all solutions into vinegar; translation issues
0:35:22fermented plant extract (fpe) uses molasses; “It’s not the same”
0:37:35is the level of sodium chloride (in seasalt) harmful?; sea90
0:38:50more on water & vortex brewers; imo4; what size pump?
0:43:10where to source Angelica? Mountain Rose Herbs
0:45:06is it possible to farm potatoes w/out tilling
0:45:16types of licorice & cinnamon online for purchase
0:49:27whats the lowest temperature you can apply knf solutions at?
0:50:37spray solutions right before it rains! especially in the rainy season; lower dilution rate
0:54:10process of culturing imo with picture slides; theory of how imos grow & work; the whole point of knf
1:04:12“imo5” = fermented mixed compost
1:04:40how to use imo4 and soil formula with slides
1:07:20Thank you Cho family, YOU, & PureKNF Foundation; upcoming training in KNF in Hawaii